Polishing Chips for Electro polish

1. Plastic Abrasive Media

  • It is used for smoothing surface of the non ferrous metal such as gold, silver, brass, copper, white metal.
  • Available in two shapes cone and pyramid.
  • Various grades are available for different application
  • A lower density cost effective finishing media, an alternative to conventional media offering qualities & depreciation rates similar to ceramic media.
  • High performance Grinding Medium Roughness.
  • A low fine finishing media for producing a very flat fine surface on all metals from fine grinding to polishing, specially for the jewelry industry.

2. Ceramic Abrasive Media

  • It is widely used for ferrous metals as well for non ferrous too where highly smoothing is required at less time.
  • Ceramic media is best for heavy cutting and hard metals.
  • Ceramic media supports very heavy parts better that plastic media.
  • Ceramic finishing media is the most common media used in mass finishing.
  • Its provide high abrasive properties due to which grinding rate is increased.
  • Ceramic Ball
  • Ceramic Angle Cut Cylinder