Silver Refining


  • Silver electrolytic refining is currently the most economical and functional process able to ensure 999.0% silver production. Work stages contain 3 steps :


    1. Ag containing anode material melting
    2. Electrolytic refining
    3. Pure silver fusion obtained according to amount requested by customer ( grit, ingots,   galvanic use anodes etc.)
  • ASRP 100 refining plant is able to refine up to 100 kg of silver every 24 hours and is equipped with :

    -Varnished steel support structure

    -n. 3, 100 lt, PPS electrolysis tank, complete with a base truncated pyramidal cone and discharge valve. The electrolysis tank is complete with anodic and cathodic copper barrier, 3 Aisi 316 Stainless Steel cathodes.

    -n. 03 PPS, 100 I recirculation tank.

    -n. 01 titanium anode trays

    -n. 03 PPS, Meraklon electrolysis cells

    -n. 03 100A, 10V current rectifier

    -n. 03 cart equipped with Buchner funnel with Mk filter and ½” membrane pump


  • Technical characteristics

    -Power supply : depending on each country’s circumstances

    -Power : 5kW

    -Overall dimensions (in line) 1500 x 800 h 2400 mm

    -Weight : 700 kg