Briquetting Machine

Suitable for

  • The cycle of the work is definitely simple and can be semiautomatic or completely automatic.
  • The chips, obtained by processing machining by diamonding and CNC machineries, of very small size, are compacted by two pistons, activated by the hydraulic circuit and properly synchronized, realize the compaction of the metal inside a cylindrical room highly resistant and conclude the cycle of the work ejecting outside the obtained briquette.
  • The compactors of the VM/GB1 series can approx. realize up to 100/120 pieces/hour, with a variable productive capacity under the model of the product introduced.
  • The obtained briquettes have diameters 40 mm and a variable height.
  • The hydraulic compactors of Violi S.r.l. represent an extremely advantageous solution they are ideal to optimize the recovery of precious metals.