This water spray microhydrosandblaster ( in accordance with CE rules) is an innovation compared to the traditional dry sandblasting. The sandblasting quality obtained, apart from the classic sandblasted effect, is the cleanliness of the object due to the total absence of abrasive powder. Moreover the object can be touched with the fingers, without the risk of leaving some halo or oxidation, which would force another blasting operation. The sandblasting resulting is very clear and clean.


The microhydrosandblaster can work with abrasives that can vary, in mesh, from #60 to #320. Regardless of the type of abrasive (aluminium oxide, glass microspheres, silicon carbide).


The equipment is suitable for these 4 operations:


  • To work with abrasive and water spray together.
  • To work just with dry abrasive.
  • To clean the object with water spray.
  • To get the object dry with air.


All these operations are carried out inside the box, with control instruments inside the box.

The box is made in stainless steel plate, vacuum isolated; internal lamp isolated; plug on the side

to drain water and sand; water cylinder (can be filled continuously, by a water hose, with the right

quantity); interchangeable sleeve gloves; internal tool for fixing hand piece for a continued work.