1)   Hydraulic Press (blanking) KN 4000

Main areas of use

The press KN 400 (40 Ton.) 4 columns can be used for:-pressing of metal parts;

-Coining of medals and coins.

-Precision pressing.




-Feeder with adjustable mounting bracket.

-Hydraulic extractor.

-Conveyor belt.


Technical features

Max. pressing force Ton: 40

Max. travel of moving table mm: 110

Table approach/return speed mm/s: 343

Pressing speed mm/s: 20

Max. clearance space between the two tables mm: 280

Min. thickness of die mm: 150

Front opening between the columns mm: 420

Working surface dimensions mm: 600x400

Max. operating pressure bar: 200

Installed power kW: 4

Electric power supply: 230/400 Volt 50 Hz

Dimensions mm: 930x880x H 1960

Weight kg: 1300




2) Hydraulic Press (embossing/stamping)  PCM 300

Main areas of use

The press PCM 300 Ton. should be used for.

-Coining of medals, coins, ingots.

-Stamping of metal parts for glasses.

-Precision stamping.

-Step-by-step stamping.



-hydraulic extractor.

-die holder with container ring in steel.


Technical features

Max. pressing force Ton: 300

Max. return force Ton: 4

Opening between the tables: mm 270

Front opening: mm 350

Max. travel of the table: mm 150

Table approach speed: mm/s 142

Table return speed: mm/s 116

Pressing speed: mm/s 1,14

Max. working pressure: bar 480

Installed power: kW 4

Overall dimensions: mm 1250x900x H 1450

Approx. weight: kg 2200

Oil volume of the hydraulic power pack: lt 120

Working surface dimensions: mm 350x420