The plant MOD. APGPC-01 is used to produce potassium gold cyanide (KAu(CN)2). The plants rate production is 1 kg of gold as cyanide for EACA cycle (a production cycle take approximately 8 hours)


The plant consists of a structure in self – extinguishing PP where the electrolysis and crystallization of the gold cyanide take place; the process unfolds in the following phases: the slabs of gold are connected to the anode in a solution containing KCN and, titanium rods connected inside a porous break wall that prevents the gold from seeping through serve as cathode; a potential difference is applied that allows all the gold in the baskets to pass through in solution.


At this point, the potassium cyanide salt must be crystallized, by lowering the temperature of the solution (We recommend that you reply on the aid of a refrigerator). Once crystallization is complete, the solution is filtered through a Buchner funnel; all the salt that has formed must be dried in a ventilated furnace before it is used. The filtered liquid is treated separately to recover the left-over gold and recycle it ( the recovery system is included in the plant APGPC and makes it possible to obtain metal gold.)


The plant is equipped with :

n. 1 PP flame retardant hood

n. 1 Scrubber (tower) connected to the processing

n. 1 Teflon coated steel tank for the electrolysis of 1 full titanium anode basket

n. 5 Setti porous

n. 1 Current rectifier 10V 100 A

n. 1 Funnel Buchner

n. 1 Vacuum Flask

n. 1 Set of paper filters

n. 1 stirrer-heater with digital temperature control of the liquid

n. 1 recovery electrolytic bath composed of PP flame retardant 2 anodes titanium mixed oxide rods and steel

n. 1 Peristaltic pump for transferring liquids

n. 1 Electric control and command


Technical Specifications :

Power supply : 380 V
Power : 1.5 kW
Overall linear dimensions : 200 x 100 h 210 cm ( width x depth. X h)


The plant is CE-MARKED in compliance with Machinery Directive 2006/42/CE

and Directives 2006/95/CE (low voltage) and 2004/108/CE

(Electromagnetic compatibility).

Other Models

APGPC-03 – 3 Kg

APGPC-05 – 5 Kg



IA AFA toxic fumes treatment plant was designed to neutralize fumes and organic substance retention. The tower is made entirely of PP, it’s base equipped with a washing liquid tank, suitably reinforced and fitted with necessary loading and unloading connections, overflow, visible level, recirculation pump support or connection.


The internal column is fitted with a 1 meter support grid equipped with moplen rashig rings, sprayed from above by a group of nozzles, sized in relation to pump flow rate and mounted on a PVC tube network. After passing through the rings in a opposite direction to wash water movement, gases are sprayed with water produced by the nozzle network and undergo further washing.


During the next step, gases pass through a droplet separator. It’s purpose is to retain water suspended particles, avoiding water escape from the tower. The tower casing is equipped with a porthole used for ring loading/unloading, nozzle maintenance and gas inlet and outlet. The re circulating pump is made from moplen. It’s vertical axis is housed in the tower’s lower part also used as a tank. The tank is designed to ensure recirculation of liquid inside the colum. The pump is connected to the distribution network through a PVC pipe equipped with an adjustment valve.


The plant is CE-MARKED in compliance with Machinery Directive 2006/42/CE and Directives 2006/95/CE (low voltage) and 2004/108/CE 9electromagnetic compatibility)



DIAM. (mm.)


FLOW PUMP lt/min

FLOW FUN (m3/h)

TIME (sec.)


MEAS. (cm.)

IA AFA 600/1







80 X 120 h 220