AEM 200 can be used for applications that require drying, air-drying and ageing. It is particularly suitable to dry small- and medium-sized enameled parts like accessories for shoes and leatherwear, technical accessories, pewter items, costume jewelry, buckles and metal small ware. The furnace can be supplied with an optional deck-holding cabinet, MP 200, which can be used both as base for the furnace and as support for decks. This accessory greatly simplifies the preparation of work.


BAS is a radiating workbench that can be used for enameling operations that involve the use of bi-components epoxy resins for the production of the costume jewelry and enameled buckles.


The main component of this unit is the heated deck that simplifies enameling operations. The BAS work bench has been designed with ergonomic criteria in order to guarantee maximum accuracy along with high outputs.


These distributors are specially designed to simplify the application of enamels, resins and other materials on objects with varying complex shapes and outlines. They are particularly suitable for the enameling of small- and medium- sized items like accessories for shoes and leatherwear, technical accessories, costume jewelry, buckles and material smallware.

Our enamelling machines are designed to produce quality end-product, high returns and low rejects.