Fire Assay Analysis is the most essential part of Jewellery Manufacturing, Refining & Bullion Manufacturing companies. The oldest and most used method to determine metal’s percentage of purity is the Fire Assay (Cupellation) method. This method gives greater precision than more modern methods.


With Fire Assay Analysis Laboratory , We are giving all its experiences & Know-How of Refining Precious Metal to the customers, Laboratory gives the opportunity for checking the content of materials/metal before and after processing. The Laboratory includes all necessary equipment.


We offer ready to use Fire Assay Analysis Labaratories with materials for 2500 analyses and we teach how to use this method to analyze gold, silver, platinum and palladium. Separation hood designed for processing all kinds of chemical reactions with no smell or smoke. Mettler balance for sensitive analysis, 0,0001gr/200gr sensitivity.


Ash and cupellation furnace with digital thermostat operating at 1150 °C


Cylinder roll thin the metal enough for analysis


Glass boiling flask that has 12 tube capacity aluminum structure with thermostat


Plus all subsidiary materials