Assay furnaces are used in the assay process of precious metals alloys. Cupellation is a procedure with the purpose to remove all non noble metal from the alloy to test.

The cupellation furnace is provided with a built-in electromagnetic induction generator for the heating of the muffle. This lead to ultra fats works cycle and high energy efficiency.

An electronic control regulates the output power, and gives an advance diagnostic system.




  • Fast heating the muffle is directly heated by induction.
  • Self- regulation: no more need to regulate power manually, with respect to furnace with silicon carbie resistance rod.
  • Electrical energy consumption optimization: you don’t need to leave the furnace on to prevent thermal socks to the resistor rods:  when work is finished, the furnace may be turned off.
Number of cupels  20 (25 mm of diam.)
Max temperature  1200 C
Power  3 phase 50/60 Hz
Dimensions 1200 x 600 x 2500 mm